Timeless Columbaria - Columbarium Styles

Timeless Columbaria Product Features

Innovative and proprietary design and functionality features for precise fit.

  • Simple and innovative modular design.
  • Universal niche covers can go in any position.
  • 3D computer modeling and CNC-driven manufacturing produce dimensional accuracy and uniform fits.
  • Consistent gaps between covers don't change over time.
  • Design and choice of materials produces products that are durable under all weather conditions.
  • Engraving options available.
  • Minimal maintenance process.
Cabinet Columbarium

Columbarium Products for Interior Spaces

Elegant columbaria, designed and constructed to seamlessly integrate with your interior spaces.

  • Wide variety of beautiful stone and finish options.
  • Bronze, stainless steel, or aluminum structural framework.
  • Wall-mounted or free-standing.
  • Single-sided or back-to-back.
  • Custom artistic features can be integrated.


Columbarium Products for Outside Spaces

A broad range of beautiful styles and shapes that convert imagination to human experience.

  • Unique columbaria cabinet systems, designed and integrated with other site developments and artistic features.
  • Free-standing and cabinet insert structures, straight and curved, sized and shaped to meet unique customer requirements.
  • Niches on one side only or niches back-to-back.
  • Non-degrading aluminum and stainless steel components.


Timeless Columbarium Niches

Interchangeable Columbarium Niches

Timeless Columbaria offers a unique and innovative niche cover design to last generations.

  • Aesthetically pleasing interior with uniform finish.
  • Covers with hidden, Timeless Columbaria's innovative fastening system discourage unwanted entry, but are easily operated by staff.
  • Covers are interchangeable - can fit in any position.
  • Custom columbarium design can be tailored to any size or style, with any number of niches either on one side or multiple sides.


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Timeless Installs New Columbarium at Saint Joseph's Catholic Church
Posted by Timeless Columbaria in Blogs & Resources on 4/18/2018
The 216-nich columbarium system, was installed in the front of the sanctuary, next to the altar platform. The stone covers are San Sebastian granite, polished...

Posted by Timeless Columbaria in Blogs & Resources on 8/3/2016
"Thank you and your company Timeless Columbaria, LLC., for the work and guidance on the Columbarium in Oxford, Mississippi. The +800-niche columbarium will provide service to the City of Oxford for many years to come..."


“We were able to install the 24,000 pounds of steel and 11 cabinets onto the pre-placed foundations in less than 7 days. Even though this was a one-of-a-kind custom project, the only modifications we needed to perform were slightly enlarging a few anchor-bolt holes. Otherwise all of the connections were bolted and everything fit together beautifully.”
- Austin Steenhoek,
Installation Superintendent


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