Our experienced factory team will deliver and install your columbaria on time.

We will provide information to help ensure effective coordination with local project subcontractors, including base mounting and foundation support details.

Our team understands the importance and long-term vision for each columbarium installation, and will take great care to ensure that everything is handled with expert precision.

From site setup to site cleanup, Timeless Columbaria will go the extra step to make the end result a beautiful and timeless creation to last generations.

Whether indoor or outdoor, with any range of materials and specifications, our project team will be well prepared to handle any project challenges that may arise, and our leadership will coordinate everything very closely with timely communication and updates.

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48-Niche Free-Standing Columbarium Installed at Christ United Methodist Church
Posted by Timeless Columbaria in Blogs & Resources on 1/15/2019
The 48-niche free-standing columbarium was installed in a prominent grassy area next to the entrance of the church. Polished Cambrian Black covers were framed by generous slabs of Dakota Mahogany granite...

Timeless Installs Two New Cambrian Black Granite Columbarium Cabinets for Trinity Lutheran Church
Posted by Timeless Columbaria in Blogs & Resources on 1/15/2019
An existing room in the church facility was converted to a meditation room with two new columbarium cabinets installed flush in a wall. Each cabinet contains 25 niches covered in polished Cambrian Black granite...


“We were able to install the 24,000 pounds of steel and 11 cabinets onto the pre-placed foundations in less than 7 days. Even though this was a one-of-a-kind custom project, the only modifications we needed to perform were slightly enlarging a few anchor-bolt holes. Otherwise all of the connections were bolted and everything fit together beautifully.”
- Austin Steenhoek,
Installation Superintendent