Flexible Design

Timeless Columbaria is an emerging leader and innovator with our unique design and proprietary process and techniques. Our use of 3D modeling and laser guided fabrication allows for modular design features within our design family. Our team will interact with you and your design team to transform the most creative ideas into elegant, enduring and memorable columbaria. We will produce a 3D model that incorporates all of the features of the concept, and as soon as that is finished, we will send you a set of shop drawings for your approval.

  • Concept designs presented as 3D models.
  • Assistance in choosing the exterior aesthetic materials, including stone, bronze or others.
  • Structural materials include aluminum, stainless steel, stone and concrete.
  • Concept models will be converted to fully documented 3D models, allowing feasibility verification and visualization at the project level.
  • Rendered models are available.

Design Features

Modular Design

Custom Engineered

Long Lasting

3D Rendered Previews

Timeless Columbaria designs and manufactures high quality, made-to-order, cremation memorial products for customers throughout North America. Our creative experienced team enjoys participating with architects, owners and planners in the collaborative concept development process as we jointly seek to develop columbarium projects that meet the stakeholders’ needs. While many of our products have customized features, our proprietary modular design lends itself to standard configurations, which we leverage for the benefit of our customers.

Stone is the likely choice for the surfaces directly viewable or exposed to the environment. Although there are literally thousands of stone types and colors available in the world, we recommend only those which clearly have demonstrated their capability to retain their structural integrity and aesthetic beauty for generations of exposure to elements. We have relationships with key quarries and stone suppliers in North America and if necessary we can obtain stone from anywhere in the world.

All of our columbarium products are designed and fully documented using 3D CAD. We can rapidly provide three-dimensional digital models of concepts or finished products, along with scaled down three-dimensional physical models if so desired. Whether an architect or planner desires to directly plug our columbarium into their project drawings or the customer wishes to view the product in three-dimensional space, we can meet those requests. Likewise, using 3D tools provides accurate location and coordination for structural mounting points, making it easy to integrate our products with other structures.


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Timeless Installs New Columbarium at Saint Joseph's Catholic Church
Posted by Timeless Columbaria in Blogs & Resources on 4/18/2018
The 216-nich columbarium system, was installed in the front of the sanctuary, next to the altar platform. The stone covers are San Sebastian granite, polished...

Posted by Timeless Columbaria in Blogs & Resources on 8/3/2016
"Thank you and your company Timeless Columbaria, LLC., for the work and guidance on the Columbarium in Oxford, Mississippi. The +800-niche columbarium will provide service to the City of Oxford for many years to come..."


“We were able to install the 24,000 pounds of steel and 11 cabinets onto the pre-placed foundations in less than 7 days. Even though this was a one-of-a-kind custom project, the only modifications we needed to perform were slightly enlarging a few anchor-bolt holes. Otherwise all of the connections were bolted and everything fit together beautifully.”
- Austin Steenhoek,
Installation Superintendent


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