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Featured Case Study: Richmond Raceway Piston

Exclusive Design: Inverted Piston
Goal: Build Fan Loyalty and Engagement
Partner: Eternal Fan

Richmond Raceway Piston

FAN MEMORIES Richmond Raceway partnered with Eternal Fan™ to launch a program for loyal fans to preserve their treasured memories and keepsakes at the track for generations to come. A 21-foot tall Eternal Fan Piston designed and built by Timeless Innovations will be the centerpiece to the loyalty program that aims to help fans secure their eternal relationshp with the Richmond Raceway.

Within this structure, fans will be able to purchase a custom-labeled "Fan space". By purchasing Plaques and space to store their precious memories at the venue, fans build a strong relationship with venue, returning year after year to continue to build these memories.

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Fan Memories™ plaques provide a way for fans become a part of the venue. The Piston's pedestrian tunnel serves as a pathway to the new infield, but also works as an opportunity for fans to display their most beloved memories at the raceway.

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Timeless Innovations also designed the smaller scale memorabilia piston. Richmond Raceway fans who purchase a private space in the iconic Eternal Fan™ Piston receive a miniature Collector's Piston, a great piece of take-home memorabilia that is sure to spark great past memories at the race track.

Fan Memories™ Collectors Pistons are
also available for individual sale.

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