Our mission is to create an enjoyable, yet productive experience during our engagement – and beyond. We are flexible and will do everything we can to satisfy your needs as we move through the project. While each project is different, the following simple process phases are identified and serve to keep the project on track.

We are busy building our network of partners and clients. Realizing that it takes time and substantial effort to bring a columbarium project to fruition, we are interested in starting a dialogue early in the process.

Perhaps we may be able to provide information or help in some way that could save you time, effort and resources. And, when you are ready to pursue a columbarium, we would like you to choose us.

Our team includes people with significant, broad experience in multiple aspects related to planning, financing and constructing columbarium projects, as well as other projects. If you have questions, please feel no hesitation to contact us.


Many churches, both large and small are installing columbaria to satisfy their parishioners’ interest in burial on the church grounds. We may be able to help as you zero in on the right size, develop phasing plans, develop financial models, produce design concepts and more. Learn more about Timeless Columbaria and how our expertise & dedication can provide you with columbaria of the highest quality.


We are good listeners and will work tirelessly to thoroughly understand your unique needs. You can count on our diverse group of engineers and manufacturing professionals to convert your wishes into beautiful structures that deliver the highest quality and value.


Cemeteries have a lot of options to choose from. We can help you integrate columbaria into your cemetery plans, whether it involves working directly with you or an architect.


Sometimes it makes a lot of sense for residents to remain connected with their retirement community home as they rest in peace. An onsite columbarium can meet that need, while also providing a source of income to retire the investment and provide for perpetual maintenance. Contact us to learn more.


Many universities are interested in developing columbarium facilities on their campuses. Let us know how we can help make this a reality for you.


We design and manufacture columbaria that are beautiful to look at and at the same time promise to survive in the elements for many decades. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities.


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48-Niche Free-Standing Columbarium Installed at Christ United Methodist Church
Posted by Timeless Columbaria in Blogs & Resources on 1/15/2019
The 48-niche free-standing columbarium was installed in a prominent grassy area next to the entrance of the church. Polished Cambrian Black covers were framed by generous slabs of Dakota Mahogany granite...

Timeless Installs Two New Cambrian Black Granite Columbarium Cabinets for Trinity Lutheran Church
Posted by Timeless Columbaria in Blogs & Resources on 1/15/2019
An existing room in the church facility was converted to a meditation room with two new columbarium cabinets installed flush in a wall. Each cabinet contains 25 niches covered in polished Cambrian Black granite...


“We were able to install the 24,000 pounds of steel and 11 cabinets onto the pre-placed foundations in less than 7 days. Even though this was a one-of-a-kind custom project, the only modifications we needed to perform were slightly enlarging a few anchor-bolt holes. Otherwise all of the connections were bolted and everything fit together beautifully.”
- Austin Steenhoek,
Installation Superintendent