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Timeless Columbaria offers a wide variety of stone types and colors. Look below to see examples or let us know if you have any questions.

Examples of Stone Types and Colors

While most of these are quarried in North America and are readily available, please contact us if you are interested in a stone that is not included in our list.

Granite - Academy Black
Granite - American Black
Granite - American Rose
Granite - Barre Gray
Granite - Bellingham
Granite - Blue Pearl
Granite - Caledonia Dark
Granite - Caledonia
Granite - Cambrian Black
Granite - Canadian Mahogany
Granite - Canadian Red
Granite - Carnelian
Granite - Dakota Mahogany
Granite - Lac Du Bonnet
Granite - Lac Du Bonnet
Granite - Laurentian Green
Granite - Morning Rose
Granite - Mountain Pink
Granite - North American Pink
Granite - San Sabastian
Granite - Silver Cloud
Granite - Stanstead Gray
Granite - Sunset Mahogany
Granite - Sunset Red
Granite - Titanium Pearl
Limestone - Bluestone
Limestone - Glacier Buff
Limestone - Indiana
Limestone - Lueders Beige
Marble - Botticino Fiorito
Marble - Crema-Marfil
Marble - Valley Gold Vein
Travertine - Mexican Noce
Travertine - Stormy Gray
Travertine-Oro Azteca

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Timeless Installs New Columbarium at Saint Joseph's Catholic Church
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The 216-nich columbarium system, was installed in the front of the sanctuary, next to the altar platform. The stone covers are San Sebastian granite, polished...

Posted by Timeless Columbaria in Blogs & Resources on 8/3/2016
"Thank you and your company Timeless Columbaria, LLC., for the work and guidance on the Columbarium in Oxford, Mississippi. The +800-niche columbarium will provide service to the City of Oxford for many years to come..."


“We were able to install the 24,000 pounds of steel and 11 cabinets onto the pre-placed foundations in less than 7 days. Even though this was a one-of-a-kind custom project, the only modifications we needed to perform were slightly enlarging a few anchor-bolt holes. Otherwise all of the connections were bolted and everything fit together beautifully.”
- Austin Steenhoek,
Installation Superintendent


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