Triangle-Structure-Assy-JFlexible Design
Our team will interact with you and your design team to transform the most creative ideas into elegant, enduring and memorable columbaria.

  • Concept designs presented as 3D models.
  • Assistance in choosing the exterior aesthetic materials, including stone, bronze or others.
  • Structural materials include aluminum, stainless steel, stone and concrete.

  • Concept models will be converted to fully documented 3D models, allowing feasibility verification and visualization at the project level.
  • Rendered models are available. 

We will communicate carefully with you through every step in the process. Several handy communication tools have been identified and are available in your private client area for use on the project at your option. These tools help facilitate:

  • Convenient sharing of 3D graphics, to aid in our creative collaboration.
  • Developing and sharing with your team and ours a variety of project details, such as concepts, budgets, ROI analyses, project definition, schedules and progress.
  • Collecting and sharing pictures and other items that are unique to your project and will produce benefit to the project by being located in one place.

Your columbarium will be fabricated and constructed to deliver superior quality and value.

Our experienced factory team will deliver and install your columbaria on time. We will provide information to help ensure effective coordination with local project subcontractors, including base mounting and foundation support details.