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Products for Interior Spaces
Elegant columbaria, designed and constructed to enhance your interior space.

  • Wide variety of beautiful stone and finish options.
  • Aluminum structural framework.
  • Wall-mounted or free-standing.
  • Single-sided or back-to-back.
  • Custom artistic features can be integrated.




2S-Straight-HiR 1Products for Outdoors
A broad range of beautiful styles and shapes that convert imagination to human experience.

  • Unique columbaria cabinet systems, designed and integrated with other site developments and artistic features.
  • Free-standing structures sized and shaped to meet unique customer requirements.
  • Non-degrading aluminum and stainless steel components mitigate degradation over time.


Open Niche Med Dark Gray J


  • Aesthetically pleasing interior with uniform finish.
  • Covers with hidden, Timeless┬« fastening system discourage unwanted entry, but are easily operated by staff.
  • Covers are interchangeable - can fit in any position.