Design Elements

Durability Over Time
Our intention is to use materials and techniques that will produce columbaria capable of lasting hundreds of years, requiring minimal maintenance. While it is fairly easy to envision a Timeless® Columbarium located inside a building outlasting the building itself, external environmental conditions drive various degradation effects, depending on the chosen materials and mitigation techniques.

Understanding that there are no “perfect” materials within affordable limits, we carefully review the intended site locations and advise our customers as to the relative resistance to degradation offered by the various exterior and interior structural materials that are offered.

cheesewring granite bridge



We recommend only materials that have proven durability performance or exhibit characteristics that are equivalent to materials that have proven durability.
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Aluminum, stainless steel, stone or concrete are recommended, depending on the enviromental conditions and preferences of the customer.
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Stone Pictures- Examples of Stone Types and Colors.
While most of these are quarried in North America and are readily available, please contact us if you are interested in a stone that is not included in our list.